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Quarantine Beauty & Wellness

How to effortlessly take care of your health and wellness during times of uncertainty:

With COVID being the center of attention this year, there's been so much change in our lives...

Scenario: One Monday you're getting dressed to go into work and seven days later you have forgotten what day it is and are living on Netflix, Zoom meetings & Pizza with a side of chocolate Ice-cream. Days become nights and the beach becomes a bizarre breach of rules.

2020: The year of Uncertainty, the stress of not knowing when you'll see your friends, or if the job you worked your ass off in will make you redundant, even worse if you started your own business venture this year... You still don't know when you'll wear that very expensive dress you bought yourself in an impulse called "Treat yourself". Travel plans are indefinitely on hold and the airlines are "holding" your hard-earned savings. You feel like you're in one of those movies where you're living the same day again and again until you change... oh wait COVID is back... the second wave is meant to hit harder than the first. You're constantly worried about yourself, your family & dog, and your distant family in a third world country. Are you screaming with anxiety yet? Because I sure am.

Amongst all of this, it is very easy to fall into the trap of not caring! We can easily let the negativity and isolation take over and feel like everything we used to do doesn't matter anymore.

Guess what, I'm here to tell you it does matter. IT REALLY DOES. There is light at the end of the tunnel, currently covered with a fog of the unknown but it's there... trust me.

  1. Sleep - Our sleep cycle regulates our hormones and serotonin levels in our body as well as helps with the recovery and regeneration of our cells. Make sure no matter what you're doing the whole day. You get 8-10 hours of sleep. This will also help regulate your moods and appetite levels throughout the day.

  2. Food - Our body is a machine, with the engine being governed with our organs working together. We need to fuel our bodies in the right way for the engine to run efficiently - Eat your fruits, veggies & meat. Increase your vitamin C - This is great for your immune system so include things like Oranges, Kiwifruit & Broccoli so even the cursed COVID gets to you - your body is strong enough to fight this.

  3. Exercise - There are so many different ways you can get your body, it doesn't have to be super intense, to begin with, but exercise increases your dopamine and endorphins which are mood boosters and a regular dose of these will bring more positivity into the uncertainty for sure.

  4. Journalling - Make your mind your best friend rather than your enemy. Overthinking the uncertainty will not change the uncertainty (Sad but true) Take it from someone who overthinks overthinking itself. It is not a pleasant sight... You rather get your feelings out on paper and trust me this works wonders!

  5. Learn a New Skill - Now when was the last time you had this much extra time to follow your heart... I would assume never. Try to download a cooking app or learn a new language. Getting back into reading or painting also will help you do something more. By the end, you will have gained something from this rather than lose.

  6. Get outside - This one seems rather easy, but you need the fresh air - YOU DO. Step outside for 10 minutes a day and focus on just breathing - nothing more nothing less and realize that in the present moment you are alive, well, and have a home to be in. That's more than most people in the world. so walk away with one thing - Gratitude.

You have far to go from here but still are here. in this present moment. breathing... which is something to be grateful for.

Written by Rupal Madaan


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