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NexDo x Beautique

Imagine life without the Maps app - remember the days when you used to have to carry a printed MAP? oh what a bloody nightmare especially if you're directionally challenged like myself. When i first heard about this new app in the market called Nexdo;

My first thoughts were:

What a cool idea, i had never seen anything like it in New Zealand, and i've been here since the ancient year 2000. It definitely fills up a huge gap in the market - Home Services. This app basically lets you book in essential services such as Home cleaning, Car washes, End of lease cleaning, Carpet cleaning by the click of a button. You select the service and schedule a time and date as per your availibity. A Nexdo representative turns up at your door and performs the service. EAAASY. They have also managed to keep the pricing very low (even lower than the market prices) which is incredible! Its an uber for home services.

I knew that this was something i wanted to dive into and tie it in with the Beauty Industry in there, i dreamt of having a manicure done while sitting on my own couch while someone made me feel super pretty and here it was... I am so excited to bring in our partnership with Nexdo - Now about to launch high quality beauty services at your house with the click of a button. The Beautique team is working tirelessly to bring you the best beauty services at your door step. The Beautique x Nexdo team gaurantee better than salon services and using high quality products such as OPI, Gelish, CND & Young Nails. Our team is experienced and has had many many years of experience in the industry. Quality is our biggest gaurantee so let us prove it to you.

Book now only at:

Download the app:

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Written By

Rupal Madaan

Managing Director

Beautique Academy & Beauty Bazaar

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