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COVID & the hard choices.

I’ve been running a business since the age of 18, im young and very ambitious.

Even after doing pretty well for myself, the last two years has taken its fair toll on me -

The moral compass between what is right for my business versus what is right for the people around me has been a hard path to distinguish.

At this point, with constant changes in the business world it feels like im walking on eggshells about every single decision and business plans - Where do you really draw the line between business growth and the well being of your employees and your own family & friends.

As a well educated and informed person, This virus is scary, we dont have enough information about how badly it can affect us or our families. Mix this in with trying to grow in your career and run two businesses makes a very daunting experience.

I believe that at this point, getting COVID is almost inevitable - But where do we really take the stand between the fear of people around you and money?

The hard choice we all have to make at this time is what is more valuable to us…

I strongly advise to be fully vaccinated & boosted even if its not for yourself. To me the people around me are more valuable than making profits & standing by a plan i had for the development. I feel unity and the ability to share our struggles can help us feel at home.

I would love to know if you’re on a similar journey or just scared.

- Rupal Madaan

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