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  • Who can join our courses?
    We are the only Academy in New Zealand who work with everyone - even if you're a beginner, Self taught artist or a chain salon owner. Beautique Academy is the right academy for you. We believe quality education should be provided to everyone despite your colour, race, age or gender. #educationwithequality
  • Can I sign up for a course if im not in Auckland?
    Absolutely, We provide virtual training which will be the same amount of hours as in person training. We can only run virtual training to clients who have some prior experience in the industry.
  • Do you provide kits with your courses?
    No, We do not provide kits as our prices are already very competitive but moreover we do not want to push certain products onto you. A lot of our clients already have previous kits so shouldnt have to pay extra for products they already own. However our partner company - Beauty Bazaar (Has over 5000 beauty products) We use all the products from there too and can link you up with a special student discount.
  • Do you have payment plans for your courses?
    We can use HummPay - We are currently working with other platforms to provide you more payment plan options. We can also make you a custom weekly payment plan, the course will only start 1 week after the full payment is recieved.
  • What if i work full time, How can i do a course?"
    Luckily for you, We can work around the clock to get your courses running. Which means we can make the timings after hours (for an additonal fee) and on weekends.
  • Are your courses NZQA Qualified? and can i get Funding?
    We are currently working with NZQA, but while this is processing we are not qualified with NZQA - However you can still use our courses with immigration, health board and companies office for starting up your salon or business. You will not be able to get a government funding just yet with our courses but we are working on this behind the scenes.
  • How can i work with Beautique Academy?
    We're always expanding our team and would love to get to know you more - Please send us your CV and our team will get in touch with you for roles available. If you're interested in giving beauty education are have been in the industry for a long time - We can help you.
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