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Lash & Brows SALON starter


$2800 + GST


36 Hours

About the Course

All our courses are cleverly designed with the latest and fresh knowledge in the beauty industry combined with the beautiful world of science, so you have deeper knowledge than any other academy in the world. All our courses can be done in person or virtually across the globe. Everyone is welcome (unless specified as Intermediate or Upskill) even if you’re a beginner and have never worked with nails in the industry before.

Each course includes Theory – Practice – Practical component so you get the best value for your precious money and time.

What’s included in the course:
Science & Beauty Technology
Theory & Practical Knowledge
Product knowledge
Client consultation
Safe use & Handling
Sanitization & safety of products
Specialized techniques
Instructions of service – Combined from specialized experience
Troubleshooting for techniques or products
Trainer assistance (Via Video chat or in person)
Certificate (posted to your doorstep once completed)
Ongoing feedback

We do not provide kits but you will be able to borrow products from the academy for in- person trainings for the duration of the course – You can purchase all your products with our partner company (Ask for a special student discount code)

Your Instructor

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