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About Rupal Madaan CEO

Rupal Madaan created Beauty Bazaar over 7 years ago in 2013, it was her dream to create a space where you could find all your beauty needs at the best pricing from around the world. Beauty Bazaar soared forward to become one of the biggest and best beauty websites catering to businesses and consumers. She has hosted 4 x NZ Hair & Beauty Expos as well as being part of COSMOPROF Hong Kong. 

She has been to many many beauty conferences over the 20+ countries she has traveled for her beauty specialized supplier training. 

She is a Biochemistry Major from the University of Auckland as well as an award-winning Powerlifter.  

She has helped hundreds of businesses start from scratch as well as provide specialized training and business expertise all over New Zealand. 

Her vision for Beautique is to provide quality education and business development solutions to businesses so they can make their dreams come true. 

'"Young me would have loved to have this sort of platform which never existed so I created it from scratch to help every single one of you. Every one of us has a specialized potential just waiting to be unleashed and i promise I can help you get there."

- Rupal Madaan

College Students in Corridor


Our mission at Beautique Academy is to cater to everyone's education needs in the Beauty Industry. Our approach to education is different where we focus on our students' strengths and work more on their weaknesses. This gives every student a unique experience to learn and grow in the industry. Each and every course has been well researched as well as gone through years of trials. We have also intertwined Bio-Chemistry with the beauty industry in a profound way which not only teaches you how the products work but also the WHY. We are Unique - The name Beautique was chosen as a combination of Beauty & Unique to showcase the change we want to bring to this industry. We want to bring innovation to the industry. That is our biggest mission. 



Our vision is to change the industry to bring forth talent and hard work. We believe this can be done via education. 

Our vision is to create the biggest beauty education forum the world has ever seen. We want to provide education at an affordable price and cater to everyone despite their gender, age, or socio-economical background. We believe everyone is unique in their own way and should be given the opportunity to thrive. We want to be that opportunity in the beauty industry. 

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